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Having moved at least ten times with the airlines I worked for, I was ready to settle down roots in one place. My husband and I had just spent two long, cold years in Minneapolis, MN, and I knew I needed a more inviting climate. We made a list of several cities that met our requirements, and Charlotte, NC topped the list. The draw to Charlotte for me was more than just great climate, it was also a great city with so much to offer! After moving to the University area, we discovered all the wonderful things that Charlotte had to offer. The amazing Greenway system for hiking and biking, the museams, civic arena's and sports for every type of fan and amazing scenic lake views! Over the last twelve years I have seen Charlotte blossom into a bigger city with more infrastructre to support all the local growth, all while maintaining the small town feel that drew me here. The people are the best in the country, kind and welcoming, and that is why I am proud to call Charlotte my home.

Because I have moved so many times in my career, I know how hard it can be. Finding just the right location to meet all your families needs. I look forward to helping you find the perfect home for your family and if you are finding yourself called to leave Charlotte, I can help maximize your profit with the sale of your house. Moving isn't easy, but with the right help it can be. Let me be the one to help you!